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The adoption field is filled with many reputable agencies and attorneys but the choice can feel overwhelming.

Adoption Grades is a comprehensive site geared to provide information on adoption agencies and attorneys to all searching for these services. Adoption Grades is a perfect venue for adoptees, prospective adoptive parents, expectant parents, and birth parents. It is also a valuable site for adoption professionals to identify others in the field to develop collaborative relationships or to enhance or update the information already listed on the site.

While there are other websites that provide ratings and reviews of adoption professionals, none of them compare to Adoption Grades. Adoption Grades is a professional site, geared to assuring the most updated information and providing access to attorneys and agencies who wish to share additional information about their services. Adoption Grades also provides the adoption professional with the ability to respond to any comment, concern or request for more information on the services they provide.

The intent of Adoption Grades is to provide you with the information necessary to select an adoption agency or an attorney or in many instances, both, that you feel is he best match for you.

While you will see several agencies and attorneys who have ratings and others who do not. Either case, the grade or lack of grade might not be the true reflection of the attorney’s or agency’s reputation, but rather one’s opinion of their experiences.

Be sure to check with the Bar Association for the reputation of an adoption attorney and the State licensing department for the reputation of an agency. Additionally, ask the attorneys and agencies for a list of references so you can speak live to individuals who have utilized their services. Also ask them to provide you with statistical information as well.

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